vision and mission

The unaltered perfection of marble

Marmi Orobici Graniti has developed a new technology to protect all marble surfaces. In fact marble is a unique material, with an exceptional peculiarity: it is resistant but delicate at the same time.

SCS Stone Care System is an innovative treatment that maintains the natural stone unaltered with time.

It has been specifically studied to be applied on all porous surfaces in order to protect the marble slab from harmful substances and to make it extraordinary resistant without changing its natural beauty and look. SCS Stone Care System has been conceived to withstand the attack of concentrated acids on the marble surface, by avoiding any type of stain and at the same time by maintaining the visual and tactile perception unaltered.

With SCS Stone Care System all marble surfaces will look intact in appearance and quality over the years. This is a crucial step forward undertaken by Marmi Orobici Graniti Spa in the path of innovation and achievement of top-quality products.